Lisa Valley’s Artist Statement

I work as a potter and ceramic jewelry artist. I’m attracted to clay as a medium because it has the ability to transcend time and generations. I transform everyday, functional pottery into objects which bring joy, levity, beauty, and humor to daily living.

Artful curiosity drives my creative practice. I’m curious about the collision of symmetrical forms and patterned surfaces. My pieces are covered in geometric and organic patterns—lines, shapes, flowers, leaves, and the occasional animal. I’m a passionate doodler and my doodles make their way from scrap-paper to clay. I employ a variety of methods to make marks on clay—mishima slip inlay, brush work, sgraffito, and screen printing.

I currently work as a senior art director and my background in graphic design has given me fluency in visual language and ultimately contributes to my work in clay.”

In the past, Lisa has showed her work at the following:

  • Art-A-Whirl: May 2016, Solar Arts Building studio #216

  • Fired Up Holiday Sale: December 2016

  • Fired Up Holiday Sale: December 2017

  • American Craft Council St Paul Show: April 2018

  • Kohler Arts Center One & Oly Show: October 2018–January 2019

  • American Craft Council St Paul Show: April 2019